Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name FITESA
No Stand2130
Address 840 SE Main Street
Country United States
Contact Phone: +18649675600
Website: www.fitesa.com
Description Fitesa is a leader in the nonwoven fabrics industry, specializing in providing innovative fabrics for the hygiene, medical, and industrial markets. We make Spunmelt, Carded, Airlaid, and Specialty fabrics for applications in baby care, feminine hygiene, and adult incontinence, as well as medical, agricultural, and industrial products. We operate eleven manufacturing locations in eight countries. With our factories located near our customers and the latest technologies at our disposal, our quality solutions are always accessible and always within your reach.
Category 1 - Nonwoven
1.1 - Drylaid - Carded
1.1.1 - Thermobonded (Carded)
1.1.2 - Air-Through Bonded (Carded)
1.1.3 - Chemically Bonded (Carded)
1.4 - Airlaid
1.4.1 - Thermobonded (TBAL)
1.4.3 - Multibonded (MBAL)
1.5 - Spunlaid
1.5.1 - Thermobonded (Spunlaid)
1.6 - SMS/SMMS/…
1.7 - Meltblown