Exhibitor's Details

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No Stand1054
Address Organize Sanayi Böl. 19 Nolu Cad.No 9
City 79000 KILIS
Country Turkey
Contact Phone: +903423373030
Email: export@bayteks.com
Website: www.bayteks.com
Description Bayteks produces Polypropylene Spunbond and Meltblown fabrics; Spunbond fabrics with SS and SSS multilayer production technologies to gain fabrics with better physical properties and more homogenous fiber distribution on the surface. Polypropylene Meltblown fabrics with high filtration ability and absorption capacity as well as other properties. PP Meltblown fabrics are often preferred in various industrial application and filling layer in composites with its custamizable features. Bayteks apply various finish applications to Nonwoven fabrics according to customer and market requirements
Category 1 - Nonwoven
1.1 - Drylaid - Carded
1.1.1 - Thermobonded (Carded)
1.1.2 - Air-Through Bonded (Carded)
1.1.3 - Chemically Bonded (Carded)
1.2 - Drylaid - High Loft
1.2.2 - Chemically Bonded (High Loft)
1.6 - SMS/SMMS/…
1.7 - Meltblown
1.8 - Fibrillated or Perforated Film