Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name ELMARCO
No Stand2369
Address Svárovská 621
City 460 10 LIBEREC 10
Country Czech Republic
Contact Phone: +420489209200
Email: info@elmarco.com
Website: www.elmarco.com
Description Elmarco is the industry’s first supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment. Elmarco‘s NanospiderTM equipment is designed for the production of all sorts of organic and inorganic nanofibers. The product range goes from laboratory equipment to industrial scale high volume production equipment, that delivers millions of square meters of cost effective, uniform nanofiber webs. Needle-free NanospiderTM technology brings opportunities to create new unique materials in numerous applications, including air and liquid filtration, barrier textiles, medical applications and others.
Category 1 - Nonwoven
1.10 - Other Structures
2 - Machinery
2.1 - Nonwovens Machinery
2.1.22 - Other Nonwovens Production Machinery
4 - Components
4.2 - Membrane
4.2.1 - Breathable