Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name ATEX
No Stand2419
Address Via C. Colombo 2
City 20090 SETTALA (MI)
Country Italy
Contact Phone: +390295242011
Email: info@atex-spun.com
Website: www.atex-spun.com
Description ATEX offers a variety of nonwovens and composite nonwovens to a wide range of converters and manufacturers. - Spunbond Polypropylene in a wide range of weights, colors and treatments, tailored to meet customers requirements. - Meltblowns and meltblowns composites, in a wide range of weights, colors and treatments for wipes, medical, roofing, filtration and oils sorbent markets - Specialties as Hook Grip nonwovens, 3D composites for hygienic market and technical applications etc.
Category 1 - Nonwoven
1.5 - Spunlaid
1.5.1 - Thermobonded (Spunlaid)
1.6 - SMS/SMMS/…
1.7 - Meltblown
1.8 - Fibrillated or Perforated Film