Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name AULONA
No Stand4329
Address Via Fiume Tavo SNC
Country Italy
Contact Phone: +39854476110
Email: sales@aulona.net
Website: www.aulona.net
Description Extremely dynamic and flexible company, Aulona Machinery Srl focuses its activities on: 1-High technology: more than 25 years of experience & knowledge in industrial automation 2-Low cost: all is projected, assembled, supervised and get ready to start only by our people 3-Short delivery time: each product is getting ready for us by an excellent team for better follow all projects and get results first. We are suppliers of completely new and renewed automatic production lines and packaging machines for sanitary napkins, panty shields, baby & adult diapers and bed underpad products.
Category 2.2 - Converting Machinery
2.2.1 - Diapers Machines
2.2.10 - Pulp shredders
2.2.11 - Stackers
2.2.12 - Packaging bagger
2.2.13 - End-of-line packaging
2.2.14 - Other converting machines
2.2.3 - Incontinence Machines
2.2.4 - Medical Machines- Gowns & Drapes
2.2.5 - Medical Machines - Wound care, Masks
2.2.7 - Coating / Lamination machines
2.2.8 - Ultrasonic bonding machines