Exhibitor's Details

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No Stand1568
Address 900 West Kennedy Avenue
City 54136 KIMBERLY
Country United States
Contact Phone: +19207505080
Email: info@aurizonultrasonics.com
Website: www.aurizonultrasonics.com
Description Aurizon Ultrasonics is committed to providing high speed rotary ultrasonic technology solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, are more sustainable and enable new capabilities for your organization. Our Elastic Entrapment solution is a patented process of attaching elastic strands to nonwovens without adhesive. Elastic strands and nonwoven substrates pass through a high-speed rotary ultrasonic drum and anvil, entrapping the elastic strands between the nonwoven substrates. This game-changing technology has been extensively tested and is available today.
Category 2 - Machinery
2.2 - Converting Machinery
2.2.8 - Ultrasonic bonding machines