Exhibitor's Details

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No Stand4419
Address De Bruwaan 15
Country Belgium
Contact Phone: +3255303205
Email: sales@europlasma.be
Website: www.europlasma.be
Description As world leader in low pressure plasma technology, we are happy to present the latest generation of nanocoating solutions for the filtration industry under the Nanofics® brand name. Three innovative nanocoating types have been designed for use on both gas and liquid filtration media and products. Moreover, Europlasma is constantly developing new low pressure plasma based processes to obtain required effects, to answer the needs. The coatings can be applied by Europlasma equipment in a roll-to-roll fashion or on the finished product. Industrial-scale machines come in different sizes and types.
Category 2 - Machinery
2.1 - Nonwovens Machinery
2.1.21 - Finishing (impregnation, saturation) Equipment
2.2 - Converting Machinery
2.2.14 - Other converting machines
2.2.7 - Coating / Lamination machines
3 - Raw materials
3.6 - Additives & Surface treatments
3.6.7 - Other additives - Surface treatment
6 - Others
6.10 - Technology/ Know-how transfer and licensing