Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name EMS-CHEMIE
No Stand4434
Address Business Unit EMS-GRILTECH Via Innovativa 1
City 7013 DOMAT / EMS
Country Switzerland
Contact Phone: +41816327202
Email: info@emsgriltech.com
Website: www.emsgriltech.com
Description EMS-GRILTECH is a Business Unit of EMS-CHEMIE AG, which belongs to the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG. We develop, manufacture and sell outstanding specialties for technically demanding applications. These materials and additives are sold under the following brand names: Grilon fibers and yarns, Nexylon and Nexylene fibers, Griltex hotmelt adhesives, Grilbond bonding agents, Primid cross linkers for powder coatings and Grilonit reactive diluents. In this way, we create added-value for our customers as they can also enjoy success in their own markets only through continuous improvement.
Category 3 - Raw materials
3.1 - Man-made Staple Fibres
3.1.11 - Bi-component
3.1.12 - Other man-made fibres
3.1.4 - Polyamide
3.4 - Polymer chips or granules
3.4.8 - Other polymers
3.5 - Biopolymers
3.5.2 - Other
3.7 - Binders (latex, foam)
3.7.4 - Thermoplastic powders
3.8 - Adhesives
3.8.1 - Hotmelts