Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name BASF
No Stand2427
Address Carl-Bosch-Str. 38
Country Germany
Contact Phone: +49621600
Email: global.info@basf.com
Website: www.basf.com
Description At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. Providing innovative and efficient product solutions, BASF is one of the leading suppliers for the hygiene and nonwovens industry. Offering high performance superabsorbent (SAP) and a new generation SAP based on a pioneering technology platform. Additionally, BASF provides a wide range of binders and additives for natural as well as man-made fibers offering sustainable solutions for the automotive, construction and furniture industry. BASF also supplies Polymer Modification additives used to produce PP melt down nonwovens.
Category 3 - Raw materials
3.4 - Polymer chips or granules
3.4.6 - Super Absorbent Polymers
3.6 - Additives & Surface treatments
3.6.2 - Antioxidants
3.6.7 - Other additives - Surface treatment
3.7 - Binders (latex, foam)
3.7.1 - Acrylics
3.7.3 - Styrene Butadienes
3.7.5 - Other binders