Exhibitor's Details

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Company Name BIBIELLE
No Stand1053
Address Via Cuneo, 35
City 12040 MARGARITA (CN)
Country Italy
Contact Phone: +390171793857
Email: bibielle@bibielle.com
Website: www.bibielle-fiber.com
Description Bibielle Super Quality PA 6.6 Fiber Staple and Yarn in PA 6.6 Unique and exclusive technology for manufacturing the highest quality PA 6.6 fiber and yarn. Bibielle's fiber is the ideal product for the manufacturing of NON WOVEN with a very high quality. In particular, Bibielle is able to monitor the tenacity, elongation and elasticity making the variables independent among them. The crimp of the fiber is also totally unique in 3D and it can be modulated according to the needs of use. These features are suitable on all our wide range of products starting from 15 d/tex and up to 420 d/tex.
Category 3 - Raw materials
3.1 - Man-made Staple Fibres
3.1.12 - Other man-made fibres
3.1.4 - Polyamide
3.2 - Man-made Filaments, filament yarns
3.2.1 - Polyamide