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Company Name FATRA
No Stand2550
Address T. Bati 1541
City 763 61 NAPAJEDLA
Country Czech Republic
Contact Phone: +420577501111
Email: info@fatra.cz
Website: www.fatra.cz
Description Fatra, a.s. is one of the biggest processors of plastics (PVC, PE, PP, PET) in Central Europe and holds a significant share in the plastics industry in the Czech Republic. Company’s Hygiene division manufactures breathable PE film SONTEK F and breathable laminate SONTEK L. Both materials are used as backsheets in the manufacture of disposable sanitary products–baby diapers, sanitary towels and incontinence pads, partly also in medical applications. Embossing, printing up to 8 colours, random & phase cut printing available, as well as breathability adjustment according to customer’s requests.
Category 4 - Components
4.1 - Film
4.1.1 - Breathable
5 - Converter
5.1 - Intermediates
5.1.2 - Coating/ Laminating