Exhibitor's Details

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No Stand4081
Address IFTH, Avenue Guy de Collongues
City 69124 ECULLY
Country France
Contact Phone: +33472861637
Email: contact@fibroline.com
Website: www.fibroline.com
Description Fibroline is marketing patented dry impregnation solutions to distribute powder form materials, thanks to a high electrostatic field, into any type of porous structures such as nonwovens, fabrics, foams, papers... The types of powder include binders, as well as functional powders (SAP, medical additives…). These technologies allow: A perfect homogeneity of the powder (possibility to manage the Z-Axis distribution) An eco-friendly solution (no solvent and extremely low energy consumption) A large range of applications from Hygiene, Medical, Cosmetic, to Building or Automotive
Category 6 - Others
6.10 - Technology/ Know-how transfer and licensing