INDEX™17 declared a success by both exhibitors and visitors alike

Q&A with Dominique Taffin

30.03.2017Q&A with Dominique Taffin

With INDEX™17 about to open its doors next week, we asked ‘Big Picture’ speaker Dominique Taffin a few questions, giving a foretaste...

FILTREX™17: Responding to Mega-Trends

Geotextiles from Marsden to Diggle

The game changers

12.01.2017The game changers

A rich legacy has been achieved over successive editions of the INDEX Innovation Awards, which have become a well-established part of...

Roadblocks at the bottle banks

Two’s company – 9,700 is a crowd

Unlikely bed fellows

12.01.2017Unlikely bed fellows

The production routes for flax and carbon fibres couldn’t be more dissimilar, yet increasingly both are now finding favour in...


Something in the air...

24.11.2016Something in the air...

It is seldom appreciated today quite how dramatically the quality of life has changed over the past 60 years, due to the elimination...

A perfect climate for root and shoot

Even better than the real thing...

Fighting a devastating epidemic

Essential tools for an urgent clean-up

Strengthening seams and finding holes with smart nonwovens

Offices and lounges on the move

Mapping the Matrix

03.10.2016Mapping the Matrix

In the dystopian future of the famous 1999 film starring Keanu Reeves, our existence – as it is perceived by most human beings – is...

Brothers in arms for fine filtration

Firing on all cylinders

13.09.2016Firing on all cylinders

Nonwoven filter media are becoming more sophisticated all the time, with the result that they are finding an ever-increasing range of...

Nonwovens getting under your skin