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5th - 6th April 2017
Congress Center


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Wednesday 5 April 2017 - 8.30 - 18.00

TimeSpeaker name
Company name
Presentation title
Nino Künzli
Deputy Director
Swiss Tropical and
Public Health Institute

Big Picture

Air Pollution and Health: Challenges and Opportunities for Policy-makers, Citizens, and the Industry 

Pierre Wiertz
General Manager
Opening and Welcome



Moderator: Joerg Sievert,
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies 

10.30 -10.50Andreas Mayer

Air pollution metrics - why particle mass "PM" is a misleading definition

-   Definition of pollutants in exhaust gas differs from definition in ambient air
-   Metrology of pollutants not consistent during type approval and actual use
-   Toxicity to humans and impact on the environment not taken into account
-   Secondary effects like formation of toxic substances within filters are ignored
-   In case of highly toxic substances best available technology must be required  
10.50 -11.10Kirstin Sucker
Scientific staff- Institute for prevention and occupational health (IPA)
Ruhr Universität Bochum

Indoor odours - challenges for research

-   Odour perception: how the nose works
-   Indoor air guide values in Germany
-   Measurement of odor and irritating effects 
11.10 -11.30Thomas Kraus
RWTH Aachen University

Effects of fine and ultrafine particle exposure on humans in the Aachen exposure lab

-   Exposure studies with volunteers using different welding fumes and a study with NO2
-   Effect monitoring using induced sputum, nasal lavage, blood tests and others 
11.30 -11.50Uwe G. Haefner
Head of Industrialization & Innovation
Freudenberg Filtration

Filter media evaluation in relation to airborne  allergens

-   Natural particles with allergenic potential
-   Synthetic particles with allergenic potential 
-   Outlook on cell cultures as indicators for the biological state of cells 
11.50 - 12.30 
Panel discussion with the speakers (incl. Q&A)


Moderator: André Boni,
Hollingsworth & Vose

15.00 -15.20Thomas Caesar
Director Global Filter Engineering Industrial Filtration
Freudenberg Filtration

ISO 16890: a revolutionary new approach to filter performance rating

-   Weaknesses and limitations of the current standards EN 779 and ASHRAE 52.2
-   The new approach: filter rating based on particulate matter (PM) size fractions
-   Transition from the old to the new rating
-   Energy efficiency rating in the light of the new ISO standard 
15.20 -15.40

Chris Ecob
Global Technical Director

ISO 16890 – A global filter test standard

-   Background of the ISO 16890  
-   PM1: an important health aspect
-   ISO16890 vs EN 779 vs ASHRAE 52.2
-   A technical reflection on testing according to ISO16890 
15.40 -16.00Lorenz Summa
Senior R&D Manager Filtration Products

Energy efficiency in HVAC filtration – Developing nonwoven filter media further

-   Energy efficient filter media
-   Synthetic nonwovens
-   HVAC applications
-   High separation efficiency at low energy use 

16.00 - 16.30

Panel discussion with the speakers (incl. Q&A)


Moderator: Martin Dauner,
ITV Denkendorf

17.00 -17.20Sven Schütz
Sales & Applications Engineer

Modular filter test rig system

-   Modular filter media test rig which apply to the standards ISO 5011, ISO TS 19713, EN 779, ASHRAE 52.2 and ISO/FDIS 16890
-   Measurement device for very high concentration, e.g. in ISO 5011/ ISO TS 19713 as well as for low concentration, e.g. in EN 779, ASHRAE 52.2 and ISO/FDIS 16890
-   FTControl software with automatic software routines according to standard 
17.20 -17.40Hans Oerley
Senior Manager
Business Development
Dr Schenk

New developments in automatic optical inspection systems (AOI)

-   ABI (adaptive background illumination) for detecting even small defects in textured materials
-   Virtual X-Ray: shows foreign particles even inside the filter material
-   Formation analysis for control of the homogeneity of the filter material covering the full web width and length
-   Feedback of inspection results for immediate process optimization 
17.40 -18.00Vesa Kukkamo
Vice President
ACA Systems

On-line pressure drop analyzer – A novel innovation for the filter media production

-   Pressure drop is a key performance indicator of a filter media. However, so far it has only been possible to measure pressure drop on lab scale
-   We have developed a novel analyzer to measure pressure drop on-line
-   With the on-line pressure drop analyzer (PDA) it is possible to control process parameters to achieve improved and constant quality of a filter media
-   Correlation to various lab standards is more than 0,95 and due to wide measurement range the PDA can measure very open and closed structures without re-calibrating 

18.00 -18.15
Q&A with speakers

Thursday 6 April 2017 - 8.30 -16.00

8.30 -9.00Adrian Wilson
Editorial Consultant and Analyst
Sustainable Nonwovens & BCC Research

The global filtration market and its importance for nonwoven media

An analysis of the industry’s structure, leading companies and their vertical integration and innovation power
-   Markets and definitions - Media, Filters and filter equipment
-   An estimated global market of $60 billion
-   What’s the industry structure?
-   Some very significant customers for the nonwovens industry
-   Who are of the major players? Finished filter makers: Buyers, Innovators or both? 


Moderator: Marines Lagemaat,

9.00 -9.20Andy Slater
Segment Manager, Global Business Development, Technical

Lyocell micro-fibrillated cellulose fibres, versatility in fibre media design

-   Selection of man-made cellulose fibres for high efficiency filter media
-   Structure and fibrillation of lyocell fibres
-   Mathematical modelling of filter media compared to practical measurements 
9.20 -9.40Gustaf Tobieson
Application Marketing Manager &
Henk van Pariedon Application Development Engineer

Novel PP meltblown polymer that allows a step change in nonwoven performance

-   What are the limitations in today’s PP nonwovens for filtration?
-   How can the polymer used in the functional layer address these restrictions?
-   Latest meltblown product innovations to enable finer fibres and improved filtration efficiency and achieve higher filter classes
-   How can these new polymer concepts allow meltblown webs to enter in new applications, higher filter classes etc.? 
9.40 -10.00Christian Gerking
Project Manager

Nanoval’s mixed micro & nano spunlaid – An alternative to conventional meltblown

-   High tenacity and high elongation
-   Adjustment of filament diameter distribution range
-   Less air demand due to spin-cone concept
-   PP, PET, PLA, PPS and Cellulose/Lyocell (solution spun) 
10.00 -10.20Lukas Plistil
R&D Engineer

Nanofibres for air filtration: delivery, durability, downstream processing

-   Performance requirements for nanofiber media, material handling challenges, and test standards relevant to making nanofibers useful for filtration applications
-   Contribution of the nanofiber layer’s characteristics on the figure of merit and MPPS (most penetrating particle size)
-   Solving the nanofiber durability/process-ability issue by looking at substrate design, nanofiber adhesion systems, fiber to fiber bonding, and polymer selection
-   The effects of the aforementioned in the downstream processing/specification protocol necessary for ISO16890/EN1822 and ASHRAE 52.2. 

10.20 -10.40
Q&A with speakers


Moderator: Andreas Manz,
Berry Plastics

11.10 -11.30Bastian Keil
Director Global Product Marketing
Hollingsworth & Vose

Improved indoor air quality without increasing cost

-   Higher fine particle pollution leads to more efficient filtration
-   Demonstrating higher performing filter, long filter life and competitive cost
-   NanoWave LM as new version of market leading technology for pocket filters
-   Pleatable version to expand into different applications 
11.30 -11.50
Richard Ringström Filtration Technology Chief Engineer
Roger Eckrich
Europe & Asia Sales Leader Filtration & Separation 
Johns Manville
New hybrid filter media for new generation of bag filter

-   New innovative Filter media combines microglass & synthetic fiber
-   Superior efficiency and pressure drop
-   New bag filter for long life and/or harsh environments  
11.50 -12.10Thomas Heininger Manager Research & Development Cabin Air Filters
MANN+HUMMEL Innenraumfilter

Keep it pure: latest developments in cabin air filtration

-   Fine dust filtration (PM2.5) with new generation of cabin air filter media
-   Field test results of in cabin concentration demonstrating real time filter performance of mentioned filter media
-   Gas adsorption filters for effective removal of VOC, SO2, NOx, NH3
-   Functionalisation of filter media for enhanced protection (e.g. biofunctional filters)
12.10 -12.30Jan Kaukopaasi
Global Business Development Manager, Industrial and Cabin Air Filtration

Air Intake filter media for enhanced gas turbine health and energy throughput

-   Operational efficiency and overall gas turbine health heavily depends on the quality of the air entering the turbine.   
-   Correct selection of air filters and air filter media is therefore one of the most crucial factors  
-   Compressor fouling occurs when very small particles pass through the filtration system and adhere to the compressor blades altering the aerodynamic properties and mechanics of the compressor   
-   High humidity and salt entering the turbine may also have a negative impact on operational performance and costs e.g. due to corrosion  
-   Trends in filter media development, tailor-made laboratory and 2 nd  generation filter media  

12.30 -12.50
Q&A with speakers



Moderator: Werner Groh,
Johns Manville

14.00 -14.20Lalit Josh
Deputy Manager
Welspun India 

Spunlace filter media for mobile filtration application

-   100% synthetic filter media made of PET and Co- Pet fibres
-   High efficiency with low pressure drop
-   Acrylic or no binder - environment friendly (Sustainability)
-   Gradient structure, high initial efficiency 
14.20 -14.40Marc Levillain
General Manager
JX Nippon ANCI 

Innovative nonwovens and nano fibers for filtration

-   Production technology: description of JX’s unique processes used in CLAF and Milife with machine direction oriented web and a cross machine direction oriented web thermally bonded.
-   Processing and final product performance benefits generated by the unique dimensional stability and thin profile of these cross laminated nonwovens
-   Applications: review of the value added by cross laminated oriented nonwovens from filtration to industrial composites.
-   Innovation: using benefits of cross laminated oriented nonwovens for developing new products/composites. Focus on newly developed micro fibre nonwovens for the filtration market 
14.40 -15.00Eva Rogge
R&D Manager

Ultra-thin liquid repellent coatings for filtration applied by low pressure plasma – an answer to REACH restriction on PFOA and PFOS

-   Low pressure plasma nanocoatings and equipment
-   Lowest environmental footprint
-   PFOA- and PFOS-free durable water repellent (DWR) coatings
-   Nanofiber membranes and laminates, nonwovens, membranes 
15.00 -15.20Tobias Thiem
Research & Development
Norafin Industries

Development of sintered nonwovens

-   Project with the main goal of developing nonwovens, charged with metal particles or metallic fibers, corresponding to the application-specific requirements of the sintered materials
-   They can be used for diverse applications such as high temperature and chemically resistant materials
-   This allows new forms, shorter production processes and new filter products
-   The need of an alternative lightweight sintered material grows in different fields of application 
-   We would like to offer a new developed structure to this market 

15.20 -16.00
Goodbye coffee & networking in the tabletop area


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