Medical & Healthcare - Applying Better Practices

The healthcare industry uses nonwovens designed to deliver protection against infections and diseases for health care staff and patients in surgery. They are also employed in the post-surgical recovery of patients, thanks to the advantages of nonwovens in preserving a sterile environment and helping to reduce transmission risk.

Medical & Healthcare

Due to their excellent liquid resistance, tensile strength and hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties, nonwovens are used in a large number of protective applications while also improving vapour transmission and absorbency. The ability of nonwoven fabrics to be breathable and comfortable has also seen them used further to produce garment products that have an endothermic or exothermic effect. One example of this being surgical gowns made from functional nonwovens which cool surgeons as they work.

Recent medical applications have seen nonwovens used to construct 3D tissue scaffolds for biological engineering, to produce implantable fabrics which can reinforce and help rebuild internal tissues.

While the fabric continues to be developed into these more resourceful products, it is also improving patient care and comfort and proving it can compete on cost against other established and less versatile materials.

Click here to see a short video demonstrating how the properties of nonwovens developed for baby diapers are now helping to provide potable water.