Sector Seminar – Transportation

Room S, Hall 4




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14.00 - 14.10

Mr Jan Ketteman
Consultant, Chemicals and Technical Consumables
Schlegel & Partner, Germany


Welcome note

14.10 - 14.30

Mr. Dominique Taffin
Senior Manager Industrial Design,
Yanfeng Automotive Interiors


Big Picture' Speech

The Mobility of the Future

14.30 - 15.00

Adrian Wilson
Editor Sustainable Nonwovens,
Author Automotive Textiles (Textile Media Services)

An industry in flux – From Motor City to Silicon Valley 

This talk examines the megatrends in the use of nonwovens in the wider Transportation industry, and looks at the impact of changes in the future of the industry upon their uptake.

15.00 - 15.30

Dr James Taylor
R&T Manager,

Lightweight Textile Automotive Floor Systems - recent developments and future needs

Nonwovens are increasingly used in vehicle interiors, in a range of applications. This talk will examine, in particular, developments in their use in the field of acoustic insulation in carpeting applications

15.30 - 16.00

Dr Egon Moos
Product Manager Underbody Systems,
Röchling Automotive

The Success of Nonwoven Materials for Lightweight and Acoustic Efficient Components in Underbody Applications

In the past, underbody covers have been produced from GMT (glass mat reinforced thermoplastics) by compression molding. To improve the aerodynamic performance and thus reduce emissions, more and more underbody parts have been applied year by year. As more parts also mean a higher weight, the lightweight aspect came into focus.
The increasing demand for lightweight resulted in the development of a new material group, called LWRT (light weight reinforced thermoplastics). Only with the combination of nonwoven materials improved properties, such as lightweight and better acoustic performance, could be obtained. Nonwoven materials are still used quite often as acoustic absorbers which then need some kind of supporting material.


16.00 - 16.30

Dr. Bernd Gulich
Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI)

Potential of nonwoven-based structures for the automotive industry

Nonwoven-based structures are used in many applications in the automotive industry. STFI has conducted collaborative research with the industry, producing results such as three-dimensional stitch-bonded nonwoven type “Multiknit”, now used as laminating material for upholstery. Further research concerns the application of bio-based fibres for car interiors. Continuation of this research work involves the partial substitution of natural fibres through recycled carbon fibres and thereby achievable effects in weight reduction.



Mr Jan Ketteman

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