Warning to INDEX exhibitors

It has been brought to our notice that a company calling themselves ‘Expo-Guide’, based in Mexico, has once again been prospecting previous exhibitors at INDEX, inviting them to ‘update’ their entry in a ‘fair catalogue’.

Palexpo S.A., the organisers of the INDEX exhibition, wish to state that they are not connected with ‘Expo-Guide’, or with any organisation employing similar practices, such as ‘Fairguide.com’/’Construct Data Verlag’. Exhibitor entries in the INDEX™17 printed and on-line catalogues are completely free-of-charge. Palexpo SA is in no way endorses or is connected to these companies or their products.

These companies are using potentially misleading forms containing our exhibition names and demanding monies. These companies use a form resembling an organiser’s free catalogue-listing service, which they invite exhibitors to sign and return for an entry in an on-line directory, which contracts the purchaser into a three-year non-retractable agreement.
Information and guidance on dealing with ‘Expo-Guide’ can be found on the website of the Association of Event Organisers (a trade association of which we are a member) on www.aeo.org.uk

The following website, www.stopecg.org, contains further information on these misleading practices. Furthermore they are co-ordinating a campaign against such scams, recommending that people who have been misled complain to the Mexican authorities.

We strongly advise all exhibitors to be on the look-out for organisations such as these, and not to sign any such form before carefully reading and understanding all the terms contained in the small print.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that several companies have been known to mail former INDEX™ exhibitors, claiming to be the housing agent for INDEX™17. This is in fact NOT the case. The official housing agent is MCI SUISSE SA, who can be contacted on index17@mci-group.com. For further details on accommodation options, please see here »

If you have any doubts whatsoever as to the origin of any such request, please contact the organisers on index@palexpo.ch who will be happy to help you.