Why attend?

Meet new suppliers
Share knowledge
Innovate for tomorrow
Grow future business

Why attend?

Connect with a world of nonwovens solutions at INDEX™17, the World’s Leading Exhibition for nonwovens and related industries!

Once every three years INDEX in Geneva becomes the epicentre of the entire industry, bringing together industry professionals from around the world to see all the latest developments in the nonwovens field.

INDEX™17 will gather the key players from the dynamic nonwovens industry to present their latest innovations and business opportunities to a global audience, with a compelling programme including special events and ‘taster’ training courses.

Over 580 exhibitors - from all continents. Such is the ‘verticality’ of the event that it is unique in its ability to bring together all levels of the industry. From nonwovens producers and converters, to raw materials suppliers, brand owners and machinery manufacturers, all come together in Geneva to show their products and services, and to learn and network.

Over 50’000 m2 of exhibition floor - wholly dedicated to the nonwovens industry and its suppliers of goods and services - INDEX is the largest event in the world devoted solely to nonwovens.

Over 100 countries - due to its huge appeal, trade professionals worldwide home in on INDEX. It’s the ‘un-missable’ event of the nonwovens calendar.

Over 12’500 high-quality visitors come to INDEX seeking solutions to their business and development issues. High-level professionals with budgetary authority know that attending this flagship event can reveal future market possibilities to help their business opportunities expand. It is the ideal opportunity to connect directly with both clients and suppliers from all along the chain.

INDEX™17 will provide a 360° overview of the very latest developments in nonwovens and is the ideal opportunity to experience the market first hand, and to enjoy the enriching professional and personal experience that a visit to INDEX can bring. Learn of the latest developments, observe the competition and market trends, broaden your knowledge of the market and be part of the this dynamic industry community.