Sector Seminar – Medical/Healthcare

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Dr Parikshit Goswami
Associate Professor;
Director of Research and Innovation;
MSc Textiles Programme Leader;
Technology Research Area Leader

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Prof. Dr. Sebastian Probst
DClinPrac, RN, Professor of tissue viability and wound care at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland

Big Picture' Speech

Health care is more than medical care!

The differences in the decision process between adopting a holistic approach to care, versus a medical approach, will be highlighted using examples from wound care.

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Dionysia Patrinou
Intelligence Manager/Market Strategist, Advanced Medical Materials,
World Textile Information Network (WTiN)

The medical market opportunity: a new billion-dollar fast growth opportunity for nonwovens manufacturing

Medical textiles constitute the highest-margin market opportunity across key market applications for nonwovens manufacturing. The ageing population, rising healthcare expenditure and prevalence of chronic disease and diabetes drive medical textiles sales exponentially. The sector is forecasted to reach a milestone of US$18.30bn by 2020. Based on future growth demand, WTiN Medical Textiles Intelligence has identified wound care and disposables medical segments as key growth markets for nonwovens. In this presentation, we will provide a thorough analysis of the growth opportunities across key wound care and medical disposables segments, as well as key growth product areas, demand drivers and opportunities for product innovation and differentiation in the market space.


Robabeh (Zohreh) Gharaei
Materials Innovation Analyst, WTiN

Innovation landscape of materials and technologies in the nonwovens wound care sector 

Wound dressings have been through continuous and significant improvements since ancient times. Modern wound dressing materials using nonwovens have replaced traditional fabrics, due to their protection, comfort, and cost. The latest innovations and technologies within the nonwoven sector have been trying to address wound dressings’ unmet needs such as infection control, exudate management, pain management and ease of use. WTiN Materials Innovation analysis has identified the key themes of innovation in nonwovens wound care, e.g. nanofiber and composite technologies which provide new functionalities and address the aforementioned challenges, and this presentation will provide analysis and prospects for these innovations.


Paul Greenhalgh
Director of Design,
Team Consulting

Patient centric approach to design / Applying human centric design to medical technology development

The design of a usable medical device is a challenging endeavour. The design of the user interface to achieve adequate usability requires a very different skillset than that of the technical implementation of that interface. Device manufacturers are beginning to recognise the value of a human centric approach from the inception of the idea. This enables users to have a voice that can drive design decisions across the entire development activity, ultimately leading to an innovative solution designed by and for the users.


Dr. Bernd Schlesselmann
Head of R&D,
Freudenberg Performance Materials

Future of nonwovens in advanced wound care

While surgical drapes and gowns made from spunmelt make up a majority of products in the medical nonwovens sector, Freudenberg Performance Materials has focused on producing nonwovens for its medical products which include advanced wound care, traditional wound care, stoma care and transdermal solutions.



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