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In one of the most dynamic sectors for nonwovens, their infinitely adaptable characteristics as filter media see them employed in critical filtration functions. Whether it is removing viruses and bacteria to provide potable water or performing a valuable role in blood dialysis, nonwovens are often an indispensable part of the solution.


Increased concern for well-being, as well as sustainability and responsibility, are driving filtration suppliers to develop even more sophisticated and lighter media at competitive prices.

Recent developments mean that nonwoven filter media can help provide clean drinking water by filtering viruses, bacteria and other harmful matter at high flow rates and very low pressure drops, thus enabling nonwovens to compete effectively with other media.

Click below to see a short video showing the role of nonwovens in providing potable water.




Nonwoven materials form part of everyday life where a combination of functionalities such as high particle retention and moderate cost see these materials regularly used to filter both gases and liquids.

EDANA has produced two interesting infographics containing some facts and figures about the role of nonwovens in Water and Automotive Filtration applications (click for .pdf file).:


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