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Nonwovens usage in the transportation field has increased considerably in recent years. With over 40 separate parts made with nonwoven materials found in every car and contributing to weight savings, insulation, filtration and added protection, nonwovens are helping to make cars more attractive, lighter in weight, more cost-effective and with a better environmental profile.


Nonwovens can be found playing important roles in vehicle interiors, helping to achieve the correct balance between overall weight performance characteristics, whilst offering cost advantages. Not only used in cabin air filtration or thermal and acoustic insulation but increasingly, due to their excellent haptics and aesthetic qualities, as surface materials for interior panels, headliners or seating components.

Click here to see the EDANA video illustrating some of the many uses of nonwovens in automotive applications



Light-weight materials, lower fuel consumption and sustainability are key requirements today for the automotive industry as it strives to help reduce emissions and respect new regulations. By using recycled and environmentally sustainable products such as natural fibre-based nonwovens, recycled nonwovens and lighter fibre composites, nonwovens can contribute to these efforts. Nonwovens are easy to handle during assembly. They are tailor-made for their function and can be heat-formed, embossed, lined, coated and printed

In short they contribute to making cars safer, more attractive, longer-lasting, more cost-effective and more sustainable.
Because of their versatility and numerous benefits, they are also widely used in the design and construction of other vehicles and transportation – aeroplanes, trains, boats, spacecraft and satellites.

EDANA has produced two interesting infographics which reveal some facts and figures about the uses of nonwovens in Automotive applications, showing the role the can play in both auto filtration and in contributing to vehicle lightweighting (click for .pdf files).

automotive-lightweight-fabrics      automotive-filtration

Click below to see a short video showing how the versatility of nonwovens provides a solution in vehicle seating applications: