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Incredible tales of nonwovens: creating a revolutionary blood-filtering technology

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Greater Europe’s rising star

ANFA’s overview of Asia

Making more in the USA

28.06.2016Making more in the USA

The nonwovens industry in the United States is currently proving to be a real magnet for employment and manufacturing expansion.

Lightweighting – the future of mobility

Turning up the heat

22.04.2016Turning up the heat

The growth of the composites industry is seeing some very interesting new applications arise for nonwovens – and not just as fabric...

Packed with power

22.04.2016Packed with power

A new record-breaking material developed in Sweden could be of major interest to the nonwovens industry for the future energy storage...

A five-minute charge – now you’re talking!

Fully charged to 2020

22.04.2016Fully charged to 2020

Leading nonwovens manufacturer Freudenberg Performance Materials is co-ordinating the new HiPoLiT research consortium which was...

Digital durability

04.03.2016Digital durability

The advance of digital printing is now opening up a major new market for nonwoven fabrics in interior design, as is illustrated to...

Unlocking the secret of the slime

A role for the black sheep

A patch for everything

04.03.2016A patch for everything

Sensor-containing products as are the next wave of medical and healthcare disposables, and continue to be introduced at an alarming...

Nonwovens out of thin air?

Discovering the difference

Timely talks in Turkey

10.01.2016Timely talks in Turkey

In the past five years, nonwovens production in Turkey has grown at a much faster rate than anywhere else in the world – incredibly,...